Full Name
Aaron Kroger
Job Title
Dir. Product Strategy
Speaker Bio
Working at the nexus of production and post, Aaron Kroger has distinguished himself as someone who can relate to both creatives and engineers alike.

Aaron grew up shadowing his father at a CBS-affiliate TV station in Minnesota, attended Colorado Film School, and began his Hollywood career as a camera prep tech. In 2010, he joined what was then a small team forging new ground in file-based workflows, the post house Light Iron.

At Light Iron, Aaron was instrumental in designing the “Outpost” mobile post labs as well as training camera crews how to use them on-set. As an Outpost Engineer, Aaron supported Speilberg’s Lincoln, several seasons of Criminal Minds, 3D features such as The Amazing Spider-Man, and dozens more movies. Transitioning to Mobile Services Producer, Aaron oversaw the team of Outpost engineers, as well as taught classes to union crew on best practices in file-based cinematography.

After Light Iron was acquired by Panavision, Aaron joined the team that created the Millennium DXL camera. Aaron was instrumental in demoing the new camera to cinematographers, directors, and studio executives, and traveled to locations around the world to support the first productions adopting DXL’s 8K large-format ecosystem.
Aaron Kroger