Full Name
Jack Watts
Trench Digital Ltd.
Job Title
Expert Topics
Digital Cinema Mastering
Digital Cinema Distribution
Digital Cinema (21DC) Standards
SMPTE vs Interop DCP Distribution
IMF Mastering & Delivery
Expert Topic Description
Jack will be able to assist with questions covering DCP and IMF mastering practices, The 21DC D-Cinema Standards document suite, RDD 52 usage and background, D-Cinema distribution and the market landscape between Interop and SMPTE DCP distribution
Speaker Bio
Jack Watts is an independent media solutions consultant based in London, UK. Having worked for globally recognized brands such as Technicolor and Deluxe, Jack has gathered over 13 years’ experience in the Media and Entertainment industry and has aided in cultivating multiple workflows and implementations still relied upon today. Jack has a specialist discipline in advanced formats such as Digital Cinema and IMF along with a complete understanding of their underlying and peripheral industry standards. He participates in various industry technology committees such as SMPTE, EDCF, ISDCF, IMFUG, and the DPP. He is the current co-chair of SMPTE's D-Cinema technology committee 21DC and technical liaison to the EDCF. Based in London and operating under the name Trench Digital, he provides training and consultancy to businesses operating within the sector covering topics such as product design & implementation, strategic resolutions, and operations.
Jack Watts