Full Name
Rishi Chhibber
Cisco Systems
Job Title
Technical Leader and Systems Architect
Expert Topics
PIM, IGMP, Multicast, Multicast NAT, Multi Vrf (Domain), Telemetry related scenarios
Expert Topic Description
Ask Rishi about IP Networks, and multicast related technology/protocols.
Speaker Bio
Rishi Chhibber is a Technical Leader and Systems Architect who currently covers strategy and architecture for Professional Media Networks at Cisco Systems. He currently chairs the TC-32NF SG on Security in ST 2059 under SMPTE. Rishi has been a Networking Software Engineer for 20 years and has contributed to development and standardizing of various software and hardware technologies over this time. He has contributed and authored a paper on Distributed Intelligent Rendezvous Point for Multicast Control Plane in IEEE and holds several patents. Besides reading, and writing, he enjoys traveling, gardening, and watching his 2 young kids grow.
Rishi Chhibber