Full Name
Sergio Ammirata
Job Title
Chief Scientist, SipRadius LLC
Speaker Bio
Sergio Ammirata, Ph.D., grew up in Venezuela and California, then received his Ph.D. in Physics from The Ohio State University. His initial focus (in the early 2000's) was on router technology and the development of an "appliance-like" linux distribution which continues to this day. This platform, with the addition of streaming media technology, formed the basis for professional broadcast quality hardware equipment sales by DVEO. There, Sergio acted as CTO while continuing to run his own software company, SipRadius. Leveraging the routing background, Sergio developed and patented an error correcting protocol. DVEO marketed the proprietary technology as Dozer, and sold thousands of pieces of equipment with it. The protocol was also licensed to another vendor who incorporated it into services for major broadcast and cable companies around the world. It may safely be said that anyone who has ever watched news or sports in the U.S. has seen video transported via the Dozer protocol. Sergio was personally honored in 2016 as one of the Studio Daily Top 50 Creatives and Innovators Across the Media Industry. Among other prizes, DOZER received a 2018 Emmy® Award for Technology and Engineering, and the Society of Broadcast Engineers Technology Award for 2014. More recently, Sergio has re-focused upon Free and Open Source Software. He maintains and is lead developer for libRIST. He continues his contributions to the VLC project. He is a member of the Video Services Forum and an active contributor to the RIST activity group. SipRadius's development and product strategies today "balance" proprietary and FOSS development. It, for example, provides a "production quality" libRIST product in that FOSS product; it incorporates the exact same code in the proprietary Coral OS version. There, the only proprietary additions consist of a web user interface and scripting to run it. By this means, the technology remains pure FOSS and 100% accessible to developers; and the professional engineers may purchase an easier means of configuring and running it.
Sergio Ammirata