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Renard Jenkins
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I entered my 35th year in this crazy industry at the start of 2022, and I am still having fun. I started out dragging cables and booming on film sets before entering the wide world of live sports and music entertainment as a camera and sound tech, while I was still at the University and immediately following. When I started a family, my traveling days had to slow down…for a while. So, I moved indoors and on to editing, compositing and music production sound engineering. Because of my love for film production and sound, I continued to work in the music industry on over 100 videos and short films as a side gig (and still do today). Like many of you, I am a life-long learner so throughout that entire time, I was working toward additional engineering, application, training/education and systems certifications. One day, I was asked to join the R&D efforts for my employer and that is how I got interested in standards. I am happy to be an active member of this Society and I have enjoyed being a Section Manager, Working Group Chair, Governor, Fellow, Board and ExCom Member. However, I am most excited by the opportunity to work with and learn from the people that I studied throughout my journey. To me, that is one of the greatest gifts of SMPTE membership. As SMPTE Executive Vice-President, I get to work with other dedicated members of this organization to highlight all that this Society has to offer and explore ways to expand on its reach in the M&E industry. My goal for the future is simple. I want to afford as many people as I can the opportunity to succeed in their careers and have fun while doing it.
Renard Jenkins