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Gary Demos
Image Essence LLC
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Gary Demos, BS 1971, DAA 2018 Caltech, has been a pioneer in the development of computer generated images and digital image processing for use in motion pictures.  He was a founder of Digital Productions (1982-1986), and was awarded an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) Scientific and Engineering Award in 1984 along with John Whitney Jr. “For the Practical Simulation of Motion Picture Photograph By Means of Computer-Generated Images”.  Gary also founded DemoGraFX (1988-2003), and Image Essence LLC, Perris, CA (2005 to present).  Gary Demos is the recipient of the AMPAS 2005 Gordon Sawyer Oscar for lifetime technical achievement.  Gary is actively involved in the ASC Technology Committee and has worked on the AMPAS ACES project.  Gary has presented numerous papers at SMPTE, given a SMPTE webinar, is a SMPTE Fellow, and received the 2012 SMPTE Digital Processing Medal. Gary is the inventor of approximately one hundred patents.
Gary Demos