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Reza Rassool
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Reza Rassool is CTO of RealNetwork.
Initiated SAFR, AI computer vision program at RealNetworks.
He maintains the legacy RealMedia CODEC technology.
His pioneering achievements in digital video span 3 decades and include:
• Lightworks Editor, winning technical OSCAR/EMMY awards,
• The world’s first VOD server at Micropolis in 1994,
• bionic eye development at Second Sight,
• inventing software DRM at Widevine Technologies, later sold to Google
• built music gaming technology at Zya which was later sold to Google
Reza gained a B.Sc. in Physics from King's College, has 24 patents granted and numerous papers published.

Contact Info:
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/rezarassool
Reza Rassool