8K Association: 8K Workflow Trends
Date & Time
Thursday, November 12, 2020, 12:00 AM - 1:30 AM
Session Type
In Person
Thierry Fautier Andy Blondin Michael Cioni Katie Fellion


Speakers in this session include: - Andy Blondin, Epic Games: game engine production perspective - how high resolution game engine images are aiding production in pre-vis, creation of virtual backgrounds, plates and VFX support. - Michael Cioni, Service provider perspective - cloud-based 8K workflow options, benefits, costs, results - Katie Fellion, Light Iron: post production perspective - 8k vs 4K workflows; challenges and solutions - Thierry Fautier, Harmonic: broadcast perspective - benefits and challenges of 8K in a broadcast environment and experiences producing 8K demos The 8K Association is organizing almost 6 hours of seminar content to discuss the many aspects of the 8K ecosystem. This ecosystem continues to evolve but some questions and challenges remain. This special seminar is designed to bring together key experts in the 8K value chain to talk about their experiences with 8K, what they like, and what can be improved. The goal is to provide a solid understanding of the state of development of 8K technology and applications so listeners can decide if they should consider aspects of an 8K workflow and when to adopt it.