SMPTE Posters: Workflow Design for Disruptive Technology
Dennis Felton

Whether it was from film to tape, tape to files, analog to digital, there has always been disruption in the business of Content Creation. Because of this, it’s critical to create accurate and adaptable workflows on the first attempt. The methodology we'll discuss during this session is DIME (Define/Design, Implement/Improve, Measure/Maximize, Exploit/Explode).  DIME offers the ability to move quickly from first customer contact to successful deployment and monetization.

There are two distinct Workflow Processes currently used in the Media & Entertainment industry; one is for designing standards like ST 2067 and the other for processes for deployment in facilities. These are two separate and diverse methodologies employed for specific outcomes in two very important areas of M&E Workflow design. The objective of Workflow Design is to create Effective and Efficient processes while removing obstacles that impede Creativity and Productivity. Currently, facility workflow design happens after the purchase of technology. This is a practice that is unique to our industry and increases the level of difficulty while making it nearly impossible to create flexibility. Given this recommendation, it’s important we become familiar with how DIME performs and what to expect when using it in designing new and improving existing workflows.

Technical Depth of Presentation
What Attendees will Benefit Most from this Presentation
Decision Makers in M&E Facilities | Workflow Consultants | Systems Integrators
Take-Aways from this Presentation
The Voice of the Customer Matters | Workflow Design performed correctly the first time | Know how ROI will be accomplished before resources are spent